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We are a locally owned family business specializing in the care and service of Honda and Acura brand cars. With over 37 years of experience we run a clean and green automotive repair shop because we understand the importance of protecting our environment. Oil and transmission fluids that we drain from your care are used to

About Us

Our automotive experts have years of experience in the industry and are trained to give you the auto repairs you need. We proudly service Spokane, WA and surrounding areas and always give the highest level of customer service.

We handle everything from oil changes to overhauls, making us your one-stop-shop for automotive servicing and repair!

We invite you to browse our site for more information on our services. Contact us at (509) 487-1126 directly if you would like to make an appointment.

Carlson's Repair & Service

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heat our shop with an EPA & UL approved waste oil furnace that burns hazardous waste and saves natural gas.

Aside from being green we are one of the best automotive experts in the area. We help you with all of your auto repair needs including inspection, engine service, electrical, oil and lube service, brake service, tires, tune up, wheel alignment, radiator, transmission, suspension, fuel system, muffler, air conditioning, clutches, shocks and more.





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